Tarot Card Ring

March 28, 2018

The Tarot has always exerted a certain charm on me, so it was impossible not to fall in love with the latest Acid Queen Jewelry's creations. These beautiful rings are inspired by the "Light and Shadow" deck and are made by antiqued sterling silver. Unfortunately you can buy them only on commission, but some pendants of the same collection are available on the official website. If you are fascinated by the meanings and the symbols of the Tarot, this is the perfect gift for you!

I Tarocchi hanno sempre esercitato un certo fascino su di me, quindi è stato impossibile non innamorarsi delle ultime creazioni di Acid Queen Jewelry. Questi splendidi anelli si ispirano al mazzo di carte "Light and Shadow" e sono realizzati in argento - purtroppo solo su commissione. Sul sito web ufficiale sono invece disponibili dei ciondoli della stessa linea con catenina argentata: il regalo perfetto per chi vuole portare sempre con sé la carta a cui è più legato.

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  1. so interesting !
    Fantastic post!

    Kisses ...

    Dilek .

  2. They look so beautiful!! I love them!
    Hugs ♥
    Liana Laurie

  3. These are so unique!


  4. Fascinating. I've long been a Tarot reader and at one time I even considered doing it professionally. But that was a very long time ago and now I read only for friends. beginners love