"Sabat Magazine - The Maiden Issue"

August 03, 2017

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Fusing modern witchcraft, art and feminism, Sabat Magazine is one of the magazine I couldn't wait to hold in my hands. The Maiden Issue explores the world of teen witches and their approach to the modern culture through social networks and #witchesofInstagram hashtag. I was also very pleased to recognize many of the artists and photographers I admire on the printed pages: Arvida Bystrom, Nona Limmen and Ellen Rogers.
If you are interested in buying this issue, you can find some reprints on the official website of Sabat Magazine.

Mix di stregoneria moderna, arte e femminismo, Sabat Magazine è stata una delle riviste che ho atteso con maggior trepidazione. Il primo numero, The Maiden Issue, è dedicato interamente alle "teen witches" e al loro modo di esplorare e confrontarsi con la cultura attuale, attraverso i social networks e all'hashtag #witchesofInstagram. Ho inoltre avuto il piacere di ritrovare tra queste pagine alcuni degli artisti e fotografi a me cari: Arvida Bystrom, Nona Limmen e Ellen Rogers. 
Per chi fosse interessato, è ancora possibile acquistare una ristampa di questo numero sul sito ufficiale di Sabat Magazine.

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  1. Oh wow, this magazine looks stunning! Thanks for posting about it, I'm genuinely checking it out immediately!


  2. Great post!

  3. I had no idea about this magazine!
    Thanks for sharing! :) It looks amazing!

    Ellone | http://looktheotherway.co/

  4. That is so interesting! Looks like an amazing magazine.
    The Fancy Cats

  5. How interesting; this is like a whole other world! The visuals are so moody and really, really beautiful.