"V" HS

May 04, 2018

Wraps of VHS tapes, stones and dry seaweed that wander frozen landscapes:
these are the haunting creatures of the Iceland-based artist Philip Ob Rey.
Using discarded materials, he emphasizes the unsettling nature of mass media and pollution.

Involucri di nastri VHS, pietre e alghe che vagano per paesaggi ghiacciati:
sono i misteriosi mostri dell'artista islandese Philip Ob Rey che, 
utilizzando materiale di scarto, pone l'accento 
sulla natura inquietante dei mass media e dell'inquinamento.

Images | Humantropy
2 comments on ""V" HS"
  1. Wow It blew my mind Amazing I have never seen anything like it Thanks for sharing these amazing art posts xoxo Cris

  2. Wonderful project, thanks for sharing this artist :)