Zara Patent Leather High Heel Boots

August 06, 2017

If the devil was a woman, she would wear this pair of flame-red boots by Zara. Gathered at the ankles, they feature patent leather pointed toes and geometric shaped heels. The price is a little bit expensive ($159.00), but you can rely on Zara's quality as always.

Se il diavolo fosse donna indosserebbe senza dubbio questo splendido paio di stivali rosso fuoco di Zara. Arricciati leggermente alla caviglia, sono rifiniti in vernice e presentano un tacco geometrico interessante. Il prezzo è un po' alto (€139,00), ma si può contare senza dubbio sulla qualità che Zara offre sempre.

Images | Zara
8 comments on "Zara Patent Leather High Heel Boots"
  1. Love them, they are so sexy and classy.
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    xo, Kanchan

  2. As usual great post! Thanks for sharing)

  3. Wow! Really stunning boots!
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  4. Thank you!
    Those boots scream Zara! I wouldn't buy those, but I see a lot o people wearing them.


  5. I love Zara, its products are world class :) Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  6. I love these shoes, so different but still wearable! <3 Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! x